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Schedule Update

So I owe you guys an apology—several weeks ago, I decided I was going to have to skip SDCC this year (it’s the last 4 days of Ramadan, work and childcare schedules didn’t mesh, etc…the perils of celebrating off-season holidays and parenting small children). I told the organizers, but failed to inform YOU ALL! As a mea culpa, I am making this offer to those of you who were hoping to have stuff signed in San Diego: send whatever it was (up to 4 books per person) to Zanadu Comics here in Seattle, and I will sign it and send it back to you. (Via USPS media mail, unless you request something different.) Make sure to include a note if you’d like your book personalized.

Mail to: G. Willow Wilson, ℅ Zanadu Comics, 1923 3rd Ave, Seattle WA 98101

I will also be adding a couple of con dates in the fall: Rose City (Portland) in September and NYCC (Sat/Sun only) in October. I hope to see plenty of you there! Have fun in San Diego for me.



Coming In April: Alif The Unseen, The Paperback

Illustrations. Interviews. A GLOSSARY! This is possibly the best paperback edition of anything, ever. Pre-order it from Amazon, or (preferably!) from your local independent bookstore.