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Ms Marvel Madness

Today is a big day. Why? Because today Ms Marvel #9 AND Ms. Marvel Vol 1 (collecting the first 5 issues) hit comic book shops, bookstores and the internet. TWO Ms Marvel launches on ONE day! It doesn’t get much better than that. I am excite.

On a side note: I had a life-alteringly good time meeting so many amazing Kamala fans and readers at NYCC this past weekend. Writing is something you do alone, in front of a computer, chewing on your cuticles, so to know that there are so many people out there for whom Ms Marvel has been meaningful and entertaining—well, it affirms the inherent goodness of the universe. I was very touched to hear your stories, your thoughts, and your ideas. So thank you—thank you for reading, thank you for believing. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this book could have the impact that it has, and for that, all credit is due to you, dear readers. The world is changing—sometimes for the good, sometimes for the worse, but no matter what, we are going to dance. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 



Read For Pixels 2014: Google Hangout

Tonight! 7PM PST! Live on Google Hangouts! Click title link for deets.



Save The Internet

The internet is my workplace. It’s my water cooler, my think tank, my tee totaling happy hour. I have a direct, daily interest in preserving net neutrality—and I imagine you do too. So please take a moment and click the title link—signing the petition takes mere moments, and calling your representatives takes only a few minutes more.



Reddit AMA for The Pixel Project tomorrow

Yes, I—and several other brave souls, err, authors—will be venturing deep into the bowels of the Books SubReddit tomorrow for an AMA in support of The Pixel Project, an anti-Violence Against Women non-profit. Come one, come all. I’ll be dropping in throughout the day.



Stranger Genius Awards: Lit Showcase Reminder

Seattle! Just a reminder—in 2 weeks, I’ll be reading, confessing, telling amusing anecdotes, possibly crying, possibly dancing live on stage as part of the Stranger Genius Awards’ Literature Showcase at the Frye. Paul Constant is hosting. Click the title link to purchase your tickets!



Schedule Update

So I owe you guys an apology—several weeks ago, I decided I was going to have to skip SDCC this year (it’s the last 4 days of Ramadan, work and childcare schedules didn’t mesh, etc…the perils of celebrating off-season holidays and parenting small children). I told the organizers, but failed to inform YOU ALL! As a mea culpa, I am making this offer to those of you who were hoping to have stuff signed in San Diego: send whatever it was (up to 4 books per person) to Zanadu Comics here in Seattle, and I will sign it and send it back to you. (Via USPS media mail, unless you request something different.) Make sure to include a note if you’d like your book personalized.

Mail to: G. Willow Wilson, ℅ Zanadu Comics, 1923 3rd Ave, Seattle WA 98101

I will also be adding a couple of con dates in the fall: Rose City (Portland) in September and NYCC (Sat/Sun only) in October. I hope to see plenty of you there! Have fun in San Diego for me.



Chicks Dig Gaming: A Celebration of Gaming by the Women Who Love It

Very excited to join Mad Norwegian Press in announcing the November release of Chicks Dig Gaming, the latest in the Eisner Award-winning Chicks Dig anthology series, in which women discuss their experiences—good and bad—in the geek world. Essays by Catherynne M. Valente, Rosemary Jones and more! (In mine, I tell the harrowing true tale of how I came to love Massive Multiplayer Online games.) Click through the title link for details!



Free Comic Book Day Event: Seattle

Hello friends! This is a last-minute announcement, but I’ll be signing at Comic Stop (in the U District) tomorrow (Saturday, May 3) from 3-5pm. Come on by! I’ll have a few extra Carol Corps patches from the Emerald City Con event for sale too. 



Side Entrance

Whew! I’ve been on the road and/or at local conventions (hi, ECCC and Norwescon!) for most of the month, so I am late saying: Ms. Marvel #3! Out now!

If you were intrigued by the mosque scene in this issue, you must take a look at American Muslim activist Hind Makki’s amazing site, Side Entrance, which examines women’s spaces in mosques all over the world…the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks largely to Hind’s project, the term “side entrance” (a reference to the separate and often unequal entrances for women in many mosques) has become shorthand for the complex gender dynamics at play in modern Islamic sacred spaces. (As someone who has had the privilege of exploring mosques in many different places, I have to say that North American mosques are—with a few notable exceptions—among the worst I have seen in terms of the access and dignity afforded to women. The best? Iranian mosques. By a LONG mile. The world is never as black and white as it seems…) 

We’ve been talking a lot about intersectionality in comics recently. I am consistently amazed by the similarities between conversations about gender representation/inclusion across cultural boundaries. Many of the debates about women’s roles in American mosques mirror those about women’s roles in American comics and geek culture. (Can men represent women’s interests in a sensitive and legitimate way? How much room do we need to make for women’s voices? What was wrong with the old way, if anything?) The same kinds of tactics—the idea that men, by virtue of an ages-old cultural monopoly, are more “authentic” practitioners (of religion, of fandom, of whatever) and women’s voices are therefore inauthentic and unnecessary—are often deployed by male gatekeepers in both cases. It seems like every day we get a fresh example of women in geek culture being “side entranced”—shut down by “real” male fans, sometimes with threats of violence, and told to accept the status quo. Ie, to stay on the girls’ side. The parallels are actually pretty striking. 

We are all pieces of each other. If there is one thing that writing Ms. Marvel has taught me so far, it is that. 



My 2014 Conference On World Affairs Schedule

Are you going to be in Boulder for the original, often imitated, never replicated, completely FREE and open to the public Conference on World Affairs? So am I. Click through the title link for my schedule. See you there!